Welcome to Strophanthus e.V.

Help to your heart. The natural remedy strophanthin, or ouabain, as it is often called in English literature, helps a stressed and diseased heart. It stabilizes it and keeps us fit and healthy. It is a scandal that modern medicine will forget about this wonderful cure! Our goal is to preserve strophanthin for future generations.


Strophanthin Shop: Emergency kit, T-shirt and much more

Strophanthin Shop: Emergency kit, T-shirt and much more we offer our members to make Strophanthin more known.

You can order this strophanthin T-shirt from me. I then have it made at my copy shop in Coburg. Costs approx. 20 Euro plus shipping. Inscription: “Strophanthin, the forgotten miracle”

Such a roll-up for lectures or advertising in practice can also be ordered from the association. Inscription variable, I also have it made here in the copy shop. Here is an example, cost about 100 euros.

You can have individual stamps printed on the Deutsche Post website. Here is an example that you are welcome to use. Surely there is also a similar service from the post office in your home country.

Strophanthin sticker 10 x 10 cm – per piece 1,00 Euro, plus VAT. Postage e.B. for the car rear window, etc.

Emergency kit: consists of 1 keychain and 1 small pill box

Only completely available at cost price of 10 Euro, plus VAT. Postage

Even if you take strophanthin regularly, it can lead to special stressful situations where the usual dose is not sufficient. Then it makes sense to take this emergency camp. Or to use them when you come to an emergency. 

Practical for the keychain or the small can for the handbag.

To order by email via me, including filling, instructions and postage. Email: debusm@hotmail.com  

This description is included with both the keychain and the pill box.