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Hilfe bei Herzinfarkt. Das Naturheilmittel Strophanthin ist die mit Abstand beste Arznei, um ein gestresstes oder krankes Herz zu stabilisieren und leistungsfähig zu halten. Dass es der modernen Herzmedizin verloren ging, ist ein Skandal. Wesentliches Ziel dieser Homepage ist es, das Überleben von Strophanthin zu sichern.

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English speaking doctors

Canada: Lyra Nara, Dr.
Christine Siepe. Caledon, ON, Canada.
Homepage  Dr. Siepe ships to the USA and to Canada.



94131 CA,
San Francisco: Thomas S. Cowan
, M.D. 661 Chenery Street, Fax :  001 415- 334-1014,
Front Desk: 001 415-334-1010 
http://fourfoldhealing.com/, there especially about
Strophanthin to be found menuepoint in the top „articles“, and
there „about the medicines“, and there „Strodival“ (not
more available, = today
Strophanthus).  The latest writing
of  Dr.
Cowan http://fourfoldhealing.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/Cowan-reprint.pdf
There is a close cooperation with dr. Knut Sroka, Hamburg, Germany
http://heartattacknew.com/ Here the link to a video on youtube: Cause and Prevention of Heart Attacks. A speech from Thomas Cowan, given at the Freedom Law School in California 2009.


Dr. Cowan has written an new book on heart disease treatement, especially by Ouabain (Strophanthine). He was intrviewt by Dr. Mercola and an article postet on
mercola.com on December 18, 2016.



Dach, MD
Unbelievable, there is another doctor besides Dr. Cowan in San Francisco who
knows the secret of Ouabain (Strophanthin). Here the
to his very interesting homepage
, you can contact him.

Jeffrey Dach MD, TrueMedMD, 7450 Griffin Road Suite 190, Davie, Florida, 33314, (954)



Dr. Litman,  private practice, mainly in the area of Orthomolecular
Medicine (originally in Family Practice in Canada).Cell phone is
-972-50-716-7491. Main office  in Tel Aviv–address;   Brodetsky
43, Entrance A, 2nd Floor, #6.  Office phone: 03-552-5919. He has a long
experience with strophanthin.


Dr. med.
Jochen Philipp Handel,
works in England,
Germany and Swizzerland
.  0160 – 97617297, Email: jochen.handel@gmx.de


Cruz da Graciosa 
 Dr. Peter Heger. He is German, but also speaks perfect English and
Portuguese. For his profile and contact look „Ärzte
Tel: 00351295714054,  Handy
+351960019474,   Email: peter.heger@icloud.com  


40212 Düsseldorf: Chiropraxis Lutz Ulrich Flöth, Schadowplatz 16. Tel. 0211-86286233. Fax 0211 86286234. Email:
. Mr. Flöth speaks German and English. He is an
alternative practitioner and will care for you in a competent manner.


74336 Brackenheim: Praxis für integrative und Biologische Medizin Jean-Peter Lange,
alternative practitioner.
Theodor-Heuss-Strasse 11
(Amalienhof).Tel. 07135 – 9 345 300. www.ichwerdegesund.de
. Mr. Lange
speaks German and English.



Dr. med. Michael
Schöneberg. An absolute specialist für Strophanthin.
E-mail: praxis@dr-schoeneberg.de Tel.: 0049 335-665
9190, Fax: 0335-665 9192